First we take Manhattan…


Forget Letterman. Forget Carson. Forget that kid who bullied you all through primary school because he apparently had ’emotional problems’ which caused him to keep you bedwetting until you were fourteen. Fabian Lapham (the Lap half of Mach/Lap) has broken it wide open by having the first webisode of Just Buy Stuff being voted prime time material in Dan Harmon’s (Community) Channel 101:New York Webseries Comp.

Taking a break from rolling in cocaine and hookers (they were ground up very fine), Lapham modestly danced a victory Haka and set his ukelele on fire while commenting on the win:
‘I am Cthulu your dark lord and god! You will bow down before my gracious slaughter’. Lapham went on to thank the voters and organisers and promised to bring an even better episode to the next round.

This is really quite awesome and you can check out the first ep on the Channel 101 NY website here
Directed and written by Fabian Lapham, stay tuned for more high-larious episodes shortly.
Special thanks must go to Mahalia Brown and Andrew Cherry for their brilliant contributions in the acting and editing departments respectively, as well as Mike De Robbio for, I dunno really, but he’s funny in that singlet.
Just Buy Stuff battles out the next round in December against more shows, so New York MachLapians, get your voting fingers down to 92Y at 200 Hudson st New York NY on Wednesday 14th December at 8:30pm and make JBS bound for glory!!!!!!*

* insert Angry Anderson parochial pop hit playoff here.

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