The Shape of Things to Come


Round. Definitely round. With maybe a squishy fingermark where the play-doh’s been pawed by a naked dribbling three year old who’s then tried to stick it up his nose while his mother takes photos which will then be embarrassingly displayed at his twenty first revealing his sister had inserted a lego spaceman in his butt. Kids hey? Look what I’m trying to say is there’s no content in this bit right now, cos I’ve just got the site up again after it somehow got completely wiped (Fabian), I mean I was sitting there, (well lying really, I rarely get out of bed for this) trying to give it some more functionality like a certain someone (Fabian) asked when the whole thing just shat itself and all of our bits and glory just disappeared into the ether(net). I thought ‘Hmmmm. I’m not sure what’s happened and why but I bet i know who is behind this (Hint: Fabian). Totally not my fault.
So anyway, proper stuff will be going up here, and it will be fucking brilliant.

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