4 Reasons I Probably Didn’t Get That Job Writing For “Neighbours”

“Neighbours” was a traditional Australian custom that involved older people filming younger people having pretend arguments until the younger people felt confident enough to become pop-singers. A curious by-product of this odd process was a long-lasting soap that was packaged and shipped to England. Today, even though we have national … Continue reading

“Taste Bud” by Carl J. Sorheim

“You’re not drinking that, are you?” she said with a face you’d normally reserve for accidentally biting into garlic-infused shit pies. “No, I buy coffee to keep the economy healthy” I replied with a hint of offence, staring glumly into a bottomless mug of black liquid. “I like the way … Continue reading

“Defying Convention” by Tony Besselink

One of the most arrogant things a human can do is put a dress code on an invitation. That’s basically saying, “I think my party deserves a certain level of sophistication.” And I’m not sure you deserve something just because you wrote it on a piece of paper. I would … Continue reading

“Timey Wimey Sausage Festy” by Lisa Dib

More like Doctor WUUUUUT, am I right? The latest gallivanting Gallifreyan has been announced and, surprising no-one, a white male has been selected to play the British institution that is ‘The Doctor’. The internet is, as usual, a fount of wit and civilized discussion: “Barely 5 mins into Dr Who … Continue reading

6 Things I Learnt Whilst Trapped Inside A Child’s Batman Costume

(Originally published on Comics Alliance) You know how sometimes (like 2:30 P.M last Wednesday) when you’re at Kmart, feeling a bit depressed and unemployed, and you’ll see a child’s Batman costume and think to yourself “I’d be happier if I wore that”? So instead of buying food or paying rent, … Continue reading